White Wine revealing the video for “Killer Brilliance” via Impose Magazin. Here you can also read the interview Joe has given to Impose. The album of the same name will be out on Altin Village & Mine Records on September 29th.

This is how the band describes this trippy piece of art:

“The new video for “Killer Brilliance” is a glimpse into a world that is attempting to connect the dystopic dots of human existence. From perpetrator, victim and bystander, all of us, dead and alive, have occupied a place in a society that is not always easy to understand.
In the spirit of a very dark comic, White Wine imagines a cross-section of modern society that envisions philosophers waxing on humanity’s morality, while some of the future populace are tethered to their oxygen masks. Suicide, the most perplexing form of killing in existence, is juxtaposed against the supposed “life” of said audience looking quite lifeless and needing masks to breathe. Set to the pace of a jump cuts with a Little Drummer Boy and A Bassoon player, the video for “Killer Brilliance” is a dark showcase for the dregs of society’s former high water marks.”