About Cargo Publishing

Cargo’s publishing division King Plush was founded in 2007. King Plush discovers, establishes and looks after new international talents such as KADAVAR, DIE NERVEN, THE PORTERS or DYSE as well as handling the publishing concerns of established artists (BOYSETSFIRE, BRANT BJORK, ASTRONAUTALIS) with a focus on transparency, continuity and creativity.

Additionally to the administrative assistance King Plush as an independent publisher focuses on the individual artistic development of bands and songwriters. King Plush connects musicians, composers and writers with music marketers – music and management companies, collecting societies, advertising agencies and movie producers.

We assist our artists with the registration and administration of the composition and writing right and monitor the cooperation with the relevant collecting societies.

King Plush profits from Cargo’s expansive network of international booking agencies, record labels, management companies and additional knowledge multipliers in the music industry. Cargo’s in-house promotion department provides artists with a full range of promotion services from print and online services to radio and TV.